Penny Auction Sites

by Fred on February 22, 2011

Penny Auction SitesPenny auctions sites are very popular today. Whoever started penny auctions sites it is a genius. The whole concept of the business is just brilliant. With the booming business of online penny auctions, who wouldn’t want to join in? One of the questions often asked when one wants to embark into online penny auctions would be, “where do I go?”

There are actually several sites in the market to choose from. You may be wondering what the best penny auctions sites are? To name a few from the top ten Penny Auction Sites, there are Bidhere, Swoopo and Bid Cactus. BidHere is number one followed by Swoopo and Bid Cactus in  third place. The rest of the sites are not as popular  as these three.

How important is it exactly to know which penny auctions sites to go to? Well for starters, when money is involved, one can never be too careful. Unless you want to get your hard earned money stolen, it is crucial that you choose the sites that you will be bidding on. One must know which sites are actually real and to be trusted and which sites are scams and use fraudulent methods.

The simplest way of finding out which sites to go to would be to check the reviews. Take for example the review on BidHere. It is ranked as number one among different penny auctions sites not only by reputation, but by the feedback given by the bidders themselves. Most of the reviews given to BidHere as being on top of the auctions sites were positive. Not only does it offer great products, but it also has a good business scheme, giving all bidders a fair chance. This is the best site to visit based on the excellent reviews that it has received.

The review for Swoopo as one of the penny auctions sites to go is acceptable.  Although the bidders were not really that sure in the beginning if it was a reliable site, probably because it’s a newer site compared to that of auction sites, they still decided to risk it since the business model was impressive.

In comparison, Bid Cactus did not fare as well as BidHere from the top penny auctions sites review. Nor did it come close to Swoopo as being one of the recommended auctions sites. Feedback was more on the negative side with bidders complaining that they were actually bidding against computer bots. They do have enough facts to backup their claim though.  One bidder complained that he won several items but never received any of them. Even if this site is 3rd on the list of top sites, it still received a lot negative feedback from the users.
In conclusion, based on the reviews given by different bidders, choosing the right site can make or break your penny auction life cycle. They therefore recommend that you choose the best like Bidhere.  However, we must take into consideration that like any other game, we cannot be winners all the time. It is all about strategy. So choose your Penny auctions sites carefully.

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