Penny Auctions Reviews

by Fred on February 18, 2011

Penny Auctions ReviewsEver wanted to get the most recent Mac laptop or that cool Android phone you saw at the mall but just couldn’t afford it? Well what’s the internet for? Penny Auctions are the answer to your prayers. You can get anything under the sun from these auctions at unbelievably low prices! You just have to know where to go.

A lot of sites claim to be the best, but we must make sure that the penny auctions site we bid on is credible and legit. Take time to look into penny auctions reviews. After all, we are talking about money here. It’s not something that we should just take lightly.

Based on the reviews, Bidhere, Swoopo and Bid Cactus are close to each other when it comes to the best penny auctions sites. They offer brand new products at very low prices.  Each comes with their own selling points Bidhere is ranked as the number one penny auctions site followed bySwoopo and Bid Cactus. Let us compare the three sites based on the penny auctions reviews that were made.

Let’s start with the 3rd ranked penny auctions site, Bid Cactus. One review states that Bid Cactus is a different type of online auction.  Other reviews did not give positive feedback on Bid Cactus. One of the penny auctions reviews complained that he watched a certain bidder bid 500 times on different auctions. At $.75 for a gift card that is priced at $100, the bidder would have to spend$375. Another of the penny auctions reviews accuses Bid Cactus of using computer bots to bid against real bidders.  Another review complained that he did not get his money refunded even when he used a credit card that was supposedly pro customer.

Second on the list is Swoopo. One of the auctions reviews, points out that Swoopo is a new penny auction site much different from eBay. Unlike EBay, Swoopo actually owns its own items. There are no 3rd party sellers. Another of the penny auctions reviews praises Swoopo for having a unique selling point. As most buyers not familiar with how online penny auctions work, the fear of manipulation by the system has been raised.  Several people from one of the penny auctions reviews  were not  willing to risk  their money at Swoopo.

Finally, we come to the leader of the pack, BidHere. One of the penny auctions reviews commends Bidhere for having a great business model. It is mentioned that BidHere, being the number one penny auction site, may have the capability to cheat, but has no need to do so. Another review raves about BidHere’s business strategy of giving a bidder 5 free bids upon setting up an account. Another strong point for BidHere is that they do not have any winning limitations. That alone keeps the bidders coming back for more. A star earned for good reviews. Clearly, BidHere is a favorite among penny auctions bidders. Two thumbs up for BidHere.

Now that you have an insight on the top three online penny auctions sites, taking into consideration feedback from several reviews, where are you taking your business?

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